Williamson defends Raab but admits own holiday was just 'couple of days'

2 September 2021, 08:43

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson defended Cabinet colleague Dominic Raab but noted he himself did not take as much of a holiday this summer as the Foreign Secretary did.

Yesterday, Embattled foreign secretary Dominic Raab refused to answer questions about his holiday, taken as Kabul fell to the Taliban.

Mr Raab was pressed by MPs on the Foreign Affairs Committee but he refused to be drawn on questions over his holiday.

The Foreign Secretary dismissed questions from MPs over his holiday during the Afghanistan crisis as a “partisan political attack”.

But, former defence secretary, Mr Williamson was asked if he would have gone on holiday amid concerns of the Taliban advance in Kabul.

He told LBC radio: "As Education Secretary you tend not to have holidays."

Asked if he has not had a holiday this summer, Mr Williamson said: "I got a couple of days in Scarborough to see my mum and dad, so that was very nice.

"Dom at every stage has been working tirelessly to make sure everything is done and the Prime Minister has absolute full confidence in him."

The Prime Minister is returning from a four-day trip to the West Country which began on Sunday.

His official spokesman declined to describe it as a holiday, instead insisting Mr Johnson was "continuing to work" away from the office.