"You're Using Taxpayers' Money To Buy Heroin For Addicts": Nick Grills Police Chief

13 February 2018, 10:48

Nick Ferrari questioned the use of taxpayers' money to buy heroin for addicts as he spoke to a Police Commissioner who is proposing the idea.

David Jamieson, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, plans to open a "shooting gallery" to keep addicts safe and off the street.

He told Nick: "What we're doing at the moment isn't working. In the West Midlands alone, it's costing all the public services - prisons, the courts, schools, local authorities - £1.4billion per year, just to deal with people on drugs.

"We're pouring the money into the hands of the drug dealers, who are making millions.

"We want to get people away from theft. We want them getting jobs and looking after their children rather than getting in this spiral downwards.

"So we've got to have a grown up, serious conversation and get away from the 'You're soft on drugs' argument."

Nick Ferrari discussed the plan to give addicts heroin safely
Nick Ferrari discussed the plan to give addicts heroin safely. Picture: LBC / PA

But Nick put to him: "It could be portrayed that they are paying their taxes so that drug users can get free heroin."

But Mr Jamieson responded: "They're paying their taxes and seeing something is not functioning.

"They are seeing needles on their children's playing fields. They're seeing the effects of the drugs gangs and gun discharges around the area. They are seeing people on the streets taking drugs. Clearly, that's not working.

"They are saying to me, we need to have a different approach and do something that's going to work."