Cladding Scandal: Labour MP challenges Government over EWS1 form

24 September 2020, 14:35 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 14:51

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

"People going to bed at night, not knowing if they will wake up the next morning," a Labour MP has laid bare the stark reality for thousands living in homes with unsafe cladding.

Florence Eshalomi the Labour MP for Vauxhall, yesterday challenged Boris Johnson on Grenfell-style cladding at PMQs.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari the MP thanked LBC for raising the issue and covering the on-going issue of External Wall Survey forms which is the latest development in the cladding scandal, which has left up to 3 million people living in 'worthless' flats.

Ms Eshalomi told LBC three years after Grenfell there are still over 300 buildings with unafe cladding.

"People going to bed at night, not knowing if they will wake up the next morning," the MP said.

Adding it was "totally unacceptable."

Giving credit to the Government she praised the fact they had put forward the "Building Safety Fund" but she said "that pot of money is just not enough."

She said the money which had been released would "not even scratch the surface."

Ms Eshalomi told LBC the Government needed to give clarity on which buildings need EWS forms.

On Wednesday at Prime Minister's Questions the Labour MP raised concerns over unsafe flammable cladding and asked what Mr Johnson is doing to resolve the "really dangerous situation", three years on from the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Mr Johnson said he is aware of the problems facing leaseholders, adding: "It is disgraceful and both ACM and HPL cladding, in my view, should come off as fast as possible, and we're investing massively to achieve that as fast as we can."