Coronavirus: Nick Ferrari caller with 100 toilet rolls denies panic buying

9 March 2020, 10:48

By Seán Hickey

Supermarkets have limited customers to rations on certain items as the public worry about a coronavirus induced quarantine.

This caller however, believes that although he has stockpiled goods, he hasn't been guilty of panic buying.

Mick in Harlow told Nick Ferrari that he's "been saving stuff for the past eight weeks" in preparation for a nationwide quarantine or general shortage of products in supermarkets.

"We've got enough stuff for six months" he revealed to Nick. Nick suggested that the caller was stockpiling as a result of a widespread concern over coronavirus.

"You've got to take steps" Mick insisted. He blamed his distrust of the government's method of tackling coronavirus and his own general health as factors in his preparation.

Supermarkets have rationed sales of toilet paper and hand sanitisers
Supermarkets have rationed sales of toilet paper and hand sanitisers. Picture: PA

Mick shared a general anger with the government, especially through revelations that British airports are still taking in flights from Italy "how do you suppose to stop the spread of this when you're not monitoring the people coming into the country?"

Nick pointed out that because Mick is showing clear concern for the coronavirus outbreak, he can be found guilty of panic buying.

The 70 year old caller ensured Nick that "this isn't panic buying" because his stash "has built up over the past eight weeks".

"If I was panic buying I'd be driving all around my local town trying to find some, but I'm not because we've already bought them" Mick told Nick, making the point that there's a clear difference between panic buying and slowly stockpiling supplies.