"You Couldn't Run A Company Like This": Nick Ferrari Rages At NHS Spending

2 February 2018, 07:45

Nick Ferrari urged NHS bosses to get their spending under control as it was revealed that they are spending £1,500 on a £2 pot of moisturiser.

Three newspapers have NHS stories on the front page and Nick believes they show a culture of over-spending at the health service.

And he said there is no way a company could survive the way the NHS operates.

Nick Ferrari was unhappy at the state of NHS spending
Nick Ferrari was unhappy at the state of NHS spending. Picture: LBC

Looking through the front pages of the newspapers, Nick said: "The Daily Telegraph has 'Cut pay outs of blunders or the NHS will go bust'. This is the billions of pounds that is spent, £65billion for the last full year in compensation claims against the NHS. £65billion.

"The budget for the NHS is a little over £150billion. So that is a third of the budget that is spent now on compensation claims at the NHS. Which says either there are some pretty impressive lawyers or they make a hell of a lot of blunders. Or the blunders are priced too high.

"Health is also on the front page of The Times. Now, I go on about the cost of gloves and the fact that one hospital trust spends £15 when you can get a packet of 20 latex gloves for a pound down at Sainsbury's, Homebase, B&Q or Wicks. What about this one. The owner of the high street chemist Boots charge the NHS £1,500 for a pot of moisturiser that costs £2. £1,500 for moisturiser that's £2.

"So before we start following the idea that we should spend more money on our NHS, any chance we could not give £65billion out in compensation claims?

"Which brings me to the Daily Mirror story. 73%would pay more to save the NHS says an exclusive Mirror poll. Why don't you ask whether you'd like to spend the money wisely instead? Fifteen hundred quid for a pot of moisturising cream or whatever it is that you can get for two quid at Boots?

"Have we gone raving mad? There's no way you could run a company like this."