David Davis Tells LBC He'll Back Theresa May's Brexit Deal If Legal Advice Changes

12 March 2019, 09:52 | Updated: 12 March 2019, 09:55

The former Brexit Secretary David Davis has told LBC he could support Theresa May's withdrawal deal tonight, if the Attorney General changes his legal advice surrounding the Irish backstop.

The Prime Minister says the assurances she received in Strasbourg yesterday are "legally-binding", and mean the backstop wouldn't be permanent.

Geoffrey Cox is due to release his updated guidance on the legality of the deal, later this morning.

David Davis in the LBC studio
David Davis in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

When Nick Ferrari asked him how much Mrs May had achieved, he said: "Well, I think more than I expected.

"Yesterday afternoon, I was writing a speech on why I was going to reject this proposal because I didn't expect them to come back with anything.

"It all depends on what Geoffrey Cox says about it, the Attorney General, the government's lead lawyer. If he says we have removed the risk of being trapped in the backstop, then it's acceptable.

"Not very good, but it's acceptable.

"I think that will fly. The DUP will look very closely at that.

"If there's any risk of being trapped in the backstop, that means Northern Ireland separated from the rest of the United Kingdom, that wouldn't be tolerable."