Ed Miliband: Boris Johnson's social care commitment 'just not good enough'

12 May 2021, 08:26 | Updated: 12 May 2021, 08:29

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Ed Miliband brands Boris Johnson's plans for social care "simply not good enough," after Queen's Speech contains just nine words on the issue.

When Nick Ferrari asked Labour MP Ed Miliband what his views on the Government plan for social care laid out in the Queen's Speech the answer was that it was "simply not good enough."

The conversation comes after measures to address the long-standing issue of social care funding and reform were not included in the Queen's Speech on Tuesday.

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Mr Miliband told LBC that Boris Johnson promised he had a plan two years ago, but it has yet to appear.

Speaking to LBC he said: "Where is the plan?"

Highlighting cuts to the social care budget the Labour MP called for proper investment into the systems.

"As well as not having a financing system we have got to have a proper investment in social care going forward. We have got to start paying our social care workers decently.

"What we have seen in this pandemic is our key workers - who do some of the most important jobs in our country -often paid the least.

"Social care is the worst example. We should at least be paying them a living wage."

Care groups, charities and politicians have been long calling for a plan to "fix" the sector, which the Prime Minister promised in his first speech after being elected in July 2019.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman denied that Mr Johnson had misled the country when he said at that time that he had already prepared a "clear plan" to fix the system.