Labour has 'moved on from the previous era and away from Brexit divide', Ed Miliband says

12 May 2021, 09:46

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The last time Nick Ferrari spoke to Ed Miliband he was branded 'honest Ed,' this time there was a football analogy.

"You are the Pep Guardiola of Labour leaders, so come on Pep, what's gone wrong with the team now?"

Mr Miliband said that the current leader, Sir Keir Starmer had "provided new leadership after a disastrous election result in 2019."

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He said this had led to the party being moved on "from the previous era," and from the "Brexit divide."

Explaining he thought the whole party "now has a job to show what we stand for better than we have."

He set out some of Sir Keir's priorities and said the party needed to "show what difference we can make," if they can "focus on the country and not on ourselves."

The conversation comes after Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner admitted that members of the public did not know what Sir Keir "stood for" before they went to the poll.

Labour has been in turmoil since the by-election defeat in Hartlepool, and setbacks in council elections in England were followed by a botched reshuffle which initially saw Ms Rayner sacked but then promoted.

Ms Rayner acknowledged she has a "very frank relationship" with Sir Keir as the fallout continued from the events of the weekend.