Family's joy as HS2 route which threatened their home is paused

14 October 2020, 08:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

"Please don't let HS2 destroy my house" - this was the heartfelt plea from a nine-year-old girl who now looks set to get what she wanted.

As we reported previously 9-year-old Lily Nicholson, from Aston near Sheffield, decided to take action into her own hands when she heard her family home was going to be demolished to make way for the HS2 rail line.

Writing directly to the, then, Transport Secretary, Lily sent a heartfelt letter asking Chris Grayling to "use the good inside him" to save her home which had "special memories" for her.

But now in a move which has caused joy for the Nicholson family, they have been told that work on the rail line which would impact their family has been paused.

Branding it "fantastic news" Louise Nicholson told Nick Ferrari they have been told work will "concentrate on the Western side instead."

When Nick asked how this would impact on her family, Louise said it was "such a massive relief."

Louise said the issue was still there as the scheme has not been cancelled but it "looks promising for us."

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Previously Nick had pledged to visit the Nicholson family home and the offer is still there for Nick to visit.

The news comes as fresh concerns over the cost of HS2 have been identified just six months after its budget was increased

HS2 Ltd, the Government-owned firm developing the high-speed railway, reported that two components of Phase One between London and Birmingham could cost a total of £800 million more than planned.

In a written statement to Parliament, HS2 Minister Andrew Stephenson said half of this figure is due to preparation of the route for construction involving "more significant challenges than anticipated".

This includes the need to remove more asbestos than expected.

Another "significant cost pressure" worth £400 million has also been identified during the development of designs for Euston station.