Nigel Farage gives his verdict on the US election

4 November 2020, 06:53 | Updated: 4 November 2020, 07:08

By Fiona Jones

Trump-supporter and leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage gives his verdict on who will be the next US President.

The race for the White House is proving to be much tighter than expected as both candidates lose sight of a landslide result.

Joe Biden started the night heavily favoured by state and national polls - but by the early hours of Wednesday, betting odds had flipped to back incumbent Donald Trump.

The president is now readily expected to win the key state of Florida after a razor-edge race with his rival, and is pushed over the line in Ohio results, too.

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Nigel Farage told LBC's Nick Ferrari the election is "on a knife edge" but predicted Trump will "just about take it."

"Trump was saying we cannot live in lockdown, we have to get on with the rest of our lives, horrible though this virus is, and Biden was promising UK-style lockdown and a long, dark bleak winter," he said, "I do think that message of optimism made a difference in the last couple of weeks."

Mr Farage described the President's mood as ebullient - despite getting off to an "awful start" with the first debate being a "disaster."

However, he continued, the President dramatically improved his performance and is now "almost superhuman."

Mr Farage said that even if Donald Trump does not take the victory in this election, his extrovert personality means "he's not going anywhere" as he now has the most "fanatical support base that has ever been seen in Western politics."

He accused social media of "wilfully" censoring stories about Joe Biden's son Hunter in order to work in the Democrat candidate's favour.

Despite this, Mr Farage maintained Trump will remain president for another four years.