Nick Ferrari rows with caller who compares Donald Trump to a "terrorist"

7 January 2020, 11:35

The caller didn't think Trump was right to kill Soleimani - but Nick Ferrari disagreed with him.

The caller, Luis, said: "I personally think that there's no difference whatsoever between what Donald Trump is threatening to do and a terrorist.

"My issue is this, I heard you mentioned not long ago that, you know, Soleimani should have been killed and the USA kind of has the right to do all of that."

Nick Ferrari said: "I don't know about right but I understand why they did it."

The caller said: "It's understandable. He's a bad guy. There's many, many bad guys around the world and even much more so hypocritical for Donald Trump to be talking about him as a bad guy because Donald Trump cuddles up to so many bad guys.

"I mean there's so many reasons why Kim Jong Un should be murdered and killed or, for instance, Putin, for instance.

"So many reasons for that, right? And it can be evidenced in so many different ways. However, you know, he cuddles up to them.

"He loves them, he says 'he's my friend', is whatever it ism when it comes to this situation, he feels he has the right to do so."

Nick Ferrari rows with caller who compares Donald Trump to a "terrorist"
Nick Ferrari rows with caller who compares Donald Trump to a "terrorist". Picture: PA

He continued: "I personally think that he shouldn't have taken the action to actually assassinate a state leader, essentially."

Nick Ferrari asked why.

Luis replied: "Because it puts us in a much more, puts loads of Britons, of Americans in a much more vulnerable position."

Nick Ferrari said: "You allow this general to go around plotting attacks on Americans and indeed on Brits for that matter, any Westerner, you just allow it continually."

The caller spoke about Kim Jong Un and Putin again.

Nick Ferrari said: "Sorry, when did Kim Jong Un or when did Putin last inspire an attack on a US Embassy?"

Nick said: "This seems to be your argument then. Okay, unless we can kill all of them, we don't kill one. Do it your way."