'This is the most narrow-minded view I've seen': Nick Ferrari clashes with caller over coronavirus fines

1 October 2020, 12:14

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Nick Ferrari butted heads with a caller who disagreed with him on the subject of fines for coronavirus rule breaches.

The heated disagreement on LBC comes after Jeremy Corbyn and the PM's father Stanley Johnson have both been pictured in recent days as they appeared to be breaking coronavirus rules.

Stanley Johnson was snapped by the Mirror newspaper browsing the shelves of a newsagent in west London on Tuesday, while Mr Corbyn was pictured on Saturday by the Sun while attending a dinner party with eight other people at a friend's house.

Imran, from Chadwell Heath, called LBC to tell Nick Ferrari that he thinks Stanley Johnson should be fined while also believing that Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't be fined at all.

Justifying his stance, Imran said: "You can control what people do in a public place, but not in their private homes. You can't do that. It just won't happen.

"Nobody is listening [to the rules] because we have an incompetent, useless Prime Minister."

However, Nick took issue with Imran's comments and said: "This is the most narrow-minded view of events I think I've ever seen.

"Neither of these people should be fined," he added.

When asked by Imran how what people do in their own homes could be controlled, Nick replied: "Because that's the whole idea of a rule of six and we did it before with lockdowns. That is the very essence of what we're trying to do."

Measures limiting the number of people who can gather together were brought in on 14 September in an effort to bring down the rapidly rising Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt has told LBC that he thinks the PM's father should be given "a bit of British leniency".

Environment Secretary George Eustice and London Mayor Sadiq Khan also agreed that Stanley Johnson shouldn't be fined for this first offence.