Police Federation Chief Thanks Nick Ferrari For His Taser Campaign

2 October 2019, 09:50

The head of the Police Federation has thanked Nick Ferrari for his work in securing additional funding for officers to get tasers.

Yesterday, the Home Secretary announced £10million additional funding for police forces to equip up to 60% of officers with the stun guns.

That was a direct response to Nick's Time For Tasers campaign, in which he wrote to Priti Patel to request ringfenced budget for the devices to protect officers.

Speaking on LBC, Police Federation chair John Apter praised the announcement, saying: "It's gone down extraordinarily well.

"Officers tell me they know of officers who don't want to carry a taser, but even those that don't are so grateful for the change of attitude from government and the support of people like you.

John Apter praised Nick Ferrari's taser campaign
John Apter praised Nick Ferrari's taser campaign. Picture: LBC

"I've been campaigning for taser for so long and it is so refreshing that the government have changed their position.

"There are some Chief Constables that are concerned about the extra rollout, but we are getting there.

"But this is all about the safety of my colleagues, nothing more, nothing less. Taser saves lives."