Tory Mayoral Candidate Tells Sadiq Khan: Spend Less On PR And More On Police

14 December 2018, 09:30 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 09:43

Sadiq Khan must spend less money promoting himself and more on funding the police, the Conservative Mayoral candidate has told LBC.

Shaun Bailey criticised the Mayor of London over his recent claim that the city’s violent crime epidemic could take a decade to solve.

There have been 125 homicides in London in 2018 - the largest number in a calendar year since 2009.

“It’s wrong of the Mayor to say it will take 10 years to solve,” Mr Bailey said to Nick Ferrari.

“He shouldn’t keep saying his only tool against crime is a begging bowl, there’s much more he can do.”

Shaun Bailey criticised Sadiq Khan during an LBC interview on Friday
Shaun Bailey criticised Sadiq Khan during an LBC interview on Friday. Picture: PA/LBC

Mr Khan has warned the number of police officers will plummet to the lowest level in 15 years if funding is not increased.

The Met is required to save £335m by 2022, according to his office.

Mr Bailey, however, said the Mayor of London was making the “wrong choice” when it comes to funding.

“The size of City Hall’s budget has ballooned,” he said. “There’s an extra £1.8m on his own office, an extra £2.8m on PR.

“Every time you see a poster of the Mayor, you should remind yourself that money could have gone to policing or youth work.”

He added: “He has great PR but we are not supporting the police.”