Vince Cable Defends Lib Dem’s Blunt “B******s To Brexit” EU Election Message

9 May 2019, 14:55 | Updated: 9 May 2019, 17:37

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has defended his party’s decision to adopt the “b******s to Brexit” slogan as part of its European election campaign.

Sir Vince Cable said he hoped the British electorate would have a “sense of humour” and see the funny side of the manifesto’s front cover.

The "special" edition of the Lib Dem&squot;s EU manifesto
The "special" edition of the Lib Dem's EU manifesto. Picture: PA

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He spoke to Nick Ferrari as the party prepared to launch its campaign for the upcoming EU elections on May 23rd.

The blunt slogan appears only on a “special edition” of the booklet.

Sir Vince said: “I have two grandchildren, I think they both have a sense of humour and I hope the electorate do too.

“It’s just a way of making in a simple, straightforward way that we have a clear, honest, unambiguous message about Brexit.”