We have evidence "flooding in" of mail-in ballot tampering: former Trump strategist

6 November 2020, 07:17

By Fiona Jones

Dr Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to Donald Trump, told LBC that the administration have "thousands of pieces of evidence" that tampering with mail-in votes has occurred.

Donald Trump has falsely attempted to declare victory in the election, after claiming that voter "fraud" has allowed the Democrats to try and "steal" the Presidency.

Mr Trump escalated his allegations late on Thursday, telling reporters at the White House that the ballot-counting process was unfair and corrupt.

The president did not back up his claims with any details or evidence, and state and federal officials have not reported any instances of widespread voter fraud.

Dr Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to Donald Trump, told Nick Ferrari that "we have thousands of pieces of evidence" that support Trump's claim.

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In evidence videos, he said, "You see a poll worker at a polling station filling out multiple ballots, not helping somebody else or verifying that that is a ballot, but filling out the ballot, putting it aside and filling out another one.

"This is very very disturbing potential evidence, Nick."

Nick questioned why the President's concern of voter fraud only extends to the swing states which are yet to give their final count, as opposed to worrying about the dozens of other states.

Dr Gorka explained that the electoral college means some states, depending on their population size, have more seats when the votes are counted - thus a more significant influence over who will ultimately become President.

"There are key battleground states and at the end of every election it comes down to the wire and it's really four or five states like Florida and Pennsylvania that are the key states you have to win, so we are concerned with those," Dr Gorka said.

He branded it "incredibly suspicious" that while Florida was able to count their votes in time, the four other key states have "gone to bed" and will continue the next day.

"We will get to the bottom of it," he told LBC.