What To Do If You're Being Bullied From Dad Of Boy Who Killed Himself

6 September 2017, 11:38

The father of a boy who killed himself after being bullied has told LBC what you should do if you or your son is being bullied.

Ben Vodden took his own life after continuous bullying on the school bus which got so bad that even the driver joined in on the abuse.

His father Paul spoke to Nick Ferrari as part of LBC's Back To School campaign on mental health, in which our landmark study found that 60% of children had been bullied at school and one in six of those had suicidal thoughts.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Paul Vodden, whose son killed himself after being bullied
Nick Ferrari spoke to Paul Vodden, whose son killed himself after being bullied. Picture: LBC

Mr Vodden revealed that over the last five years, 72 children had killed themselves after being bullied.

And as children go back to school, he gave advice on what parents need to look out for.

He said: "You need to be aware of how you child is behaving.

"My message would be to the children: If you are being bullied, talk to somebody. Even if it's not your parent, even if it's not a teacher, talk to a friend, talk to anybody. That's the important thing.

"Make it known that you're suffering a terrible thing.

"Then parents: if you discover that your child is being bullied, take it up with the school and don't take no for an answer.

"Quite often, I hear still that schools won't accept that bullying is going on. Bullying is part and parcel of what kids do to each other. We shouldn't stamp it out, we should put a system in place that deals effectively, efficiently and speedily with bullying."

If You Are Being Bullied:

-Talk to someone, anyone. Make it known that you are suffering.

For more information, visit the Anti-Bullying Programme from The Diana Award. Don't suffer in silence.