"Shall We Make Bicycles Out Of Hemp?" Nick Ferrari Asks Extinction Rebellion Protester

17 April 2019, 08:24 | Updated: 17 April 2019, 10:55

Nick Ferrari took this environmental protester to task on why protesters are still disrupting travel in London when the British government is already leading on action against climate change.

Police are warning Londoners to check before they travel on Wednesday as climate protesters threaten to bring the London Underground to a standstill.

Campaigners are planning to disrupt Tube services on Wednesday as part of a series of climate change protests which have led to nearly 300 people being arrested in London.

The protests have led to road closures, traffic gridlock and serious disruption to public transport and local businesses, with 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected.

Amid the severe disruption in London, Nick Ferrari spoke to Louise, a campaigner and protester for Extinction Rebellion.

Nick cited another contributor, pointing out that the protesters are "adversely affecting the poorer members of society, or indeed you could describe them as vulnerable, some of those who need buses to get around if they have mobility issues."

Nick asked: "How do you defend that?"

The campaigner responded: "We don't relish the fact that we're disrupting people's day-to-day lives".

Nick asked: "Why don't you go home then?...And take your boat with you?"

Nick Ferrari Extinction Rebellion
Picture: LBC & PA

Nick suggested that the Government may not have responded to protests nor acknowledged the group's demands because MPs are on Easter holidays.

Louise conceded: "Yes, that is an unfortunate fact...I did not organise this thing...you'd have to talk to the original instigators to know why they picked these dates specifically".

Nick also pointed out that the UK had already responded to the global climate change crisis by setting draconian emissions targets, but the protester said that the Government wasn't "acting fast enough".

"I thought we were meant to travel on public transport...what are [we] meant to do? Try and make a bicycle out of hemp or something?"