Eddie Izzard offers Nick Ferrari his opinion on Johnson and Trump: 'the tweedle dum and tweedle dee' of politics

24 March 2023, 11:47 | Updated: 24 March 2023, 14:46

Nick Ferrari speaks to Eddie Izzard

By Alice Bourne

Eddie Izzard told Nick Ferrari that contemporary politics "attracts hyperbolic personalities" exemplified by "Boris Johnson and Donald Trump," prompting her to want to get involved and set a "positive example".

Nick Ferrari spoke to Eddie about entering politics, and trans issues, where she said she wished to turn the conversation away from the “politics of the 1930’s” and move it “forward to the 2030’s.”

Eddie revealed, “I just tried to get into Sheffield Central” parliamentary constituency, saying “I think they would have quite liked me but I didn’t get through the selection.”

Nick then joked: “Are politicians frustrated performers Eddie? What do you want to be a politician for? Are you raving mad?”

She then answered: “Some people say politicians aren’t great. But I think a lot of them are doing it for the right reasons and trying to help.”

She did however concede, “but it does sort of attract hyperbolic personalities.”

Nick then asked about J.K. Rowling being regarded as a “semi hate figure” within the trans community.

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Eddie Izzard speaking about trans issues

Eddie suggested a lot of this was a result of social media's ability to polarise debate saying: “It’s a discussion that turns into an argument that turns into a fight.”

She concluded: “We need to understand LGBTQ people have been here since there were cave people.”

She said that 'heated' debates can 'get more and more and more extreme' on social media.

“I think this is the time trans has to go through all these discussions, when I came out in 1985 no discussions were happening. We were toxic people outside society, at least the discussions are happening even though they are heated.”

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Criticising former PM Boris Johnson, she said: “he worked out this technique of staying one lie ahead of the last lie.”

This type of politics was a return to the “1930’s” she said, “I’m saying let's go forward to the 2030’s.”

Regarding her own desire to enter politics, Eddie said: “I want to take my communications skills, my ability to analyse things and my vision, and make them work” in politics.”

“Running 130 marathons, performing in different languages” she said, “I’m trying to set a positive example for myself and for kids that are following and by entering politics."

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