"They want our money for another two years" David Davis scoffs at idea of Brexit extension

1 June 2020, 13:35 | Updated: 1 June 2020, 14:22

By Seán Hickey

A Brexit extension has to be off the table as it will undermine the UK's position in negotiations.

Nick Ferrari was discussing the latest news on Brexit with David Davis, Conservative MP and former Brexit Secretary as reports have said that Boris Johnson is standing defiant of the EU before negotiations resume, while the bloc tease the idea of extending the transition period for a further two years.

Mr Davis revealed that the UK would have foreseen this, telling Nick that "the end of the negotiation gets very hard and tough" and with all that has gone on in the world in the past few months, the EU's offer of a Brexit extension is the poison apple that the UK negotiators must steer clear from.

Nick asked the former Brexit Secretary what his reaction was to Michel Barnier's offer of a two year Brexit extension. Mr Davis insisted that he wasn't surprised and found it funny that it finally came up, telling listeners that "they want our money for another two years."

Mr Davis added that UK delegates must refuse the offer, adding that "every single time we extend we weaken our position and strengthen theirs" and we cannot afford to continue this charade as we approach the deadline.

He backed up his idea by reminding Nick that the only time economy hiccuped was when "Theresa May extended from March 29th then suddenly everything fell out of bed" as businesses had prepared to leave on that date, throwing their preparations into disarray.

Michel Barnier offered the UK a two year Brexit extension
Michel Barnier offered the UK a two year Brexit extension. Picture: PA

Mr Davis told listeners that the EU's financial situation is "very poor" because of coronavirus and this is motivating the EU to offer the UK an extension. Nick admitted that Mr Davis predicted this outcome "years ago", whereby the former Brexit Secretary briefed listeners on the politics of these negotiations and how the European Union generally operate in trade deals.

"If you divide the people in the negotiations into two groups" he began, the EU has a different approach depending on who they're dealing with. "Those who are smaller than them" Mr Davis said, adding these people are usually states looking for EU membership "get bullied" in negotiations. The other side are countries bigger or the same size as the EU "like China and India" and they, according to Mr Davis "never get a deal." The UK is somewhere in between the two he said and "they have to have a deal"

Mr Davis added that the UK's remarkable economic situation throughout the negotiations is testament to how well prepared the country is to leave. "For the economy to just charge on through that is amazing" he said.

"Boris has to talk to the heads of the government" the former Brexit Secretary told Nick when asked for a forecast of the next month. He predicted that Boris Johnson's argument will be that "we want a deal, but we want a deal which is fair to both of us so let's sign on something which does that, not keep putting it off forever."

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