Farage Admits: I'd Accept House Of Lords Place

31 October 2016, 08:58 | Updated: 31 October 2016, 09:18

Farage pointing

Nigel Farage has told LBC he would accept a position in the House of Lords if he is offered one.

The interim Ukip leader has been a strong critic of the unelected chamber, but said he would take a post to make up for the "unfair" distribution of parties within the Lords.

But he also insisted it was very unlikely to happen.

He told Nick Ferrari: "There are 104 life peerages that have been given to the Liberal Democrats. 104.

"And Ukip have not been given a single one.

"So in any sense of equity and fairness, given that we won the European elections a couple of years ago, we've been significantly ahead of the Lib Dems in terms of votes in the country and polling numbers, so the idea that Ukip has zero and the Lib Dems have 104 clearly isn't right."

The standing UKIP leader tried to focus the issue away from himself and onto his parties lack of representation in the second chamber.

“The issue is not me, lets be frank. The issue is the party getting some representation in the Lords, which befits an organisation that has polled 4 million votes.”

“The establishment hate us, the don't think UKIP should exist, the want British politics to be a closed shop. Thats why they haven’t given us any peerages and thats why they steadfastly don’t wanna change a first-past-the-post system that is completely out of date.”