Bride-to-be berates government for "ridiculous" social distancing rules for weddings

30 June 2020, 11:19

By Seán Hickey

This caller battered the government's new rules for weddings, and highlighted just how silly each rule seemed to her.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Julie who had phoned in some time ago sharing her fears for her own wedding ceremony, which at the time was uncertain to be allowed go ahead because of social distancing rules.

Amid new rules for weddings announced on Monday, the caller lambasted the new rules.

"Not allowing a parent to walk their daughter or son down the aisle is ridiculous, washing your hands before and after the ring ceremony is ridiculous."

Julie attacked rules on hand washing after the ring ceremony, wondering why people that live together have to abide by these rules. "I understand sanitising your hands when you enter the premises I understand, but straight after?

"I've been with my partner for ten years, we're a couple that already live together."

Julie showed Nick just how ridiculous each of the new rules seemed
Julie showed Nick just how ridiculous each of the new rules seemed. Picture: PA

She was amusingly confused by the situation, pointing out to Nick that "we're the only two that will be holding hands" and struggled to see why the rules should be in place for people who most likely already live together.

Nick joked with the caller about the new guidelines, teasing that "you can't do social distancing photographs." Julie insisted that for her "it's not such a big issue, we do have a very small wedding" and many of the new rules will not affect her, apart from the ones she saw as ridiculous.

"I do think these new rules are actually causing more of a headache for upcoming brides and grooms.

"My heart breaks for doesn't make any sense at all."

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