Caller's mother, 96, forced to leave care home after yearly £60,000 costs left her penniless

12 May 2021, 17:38 | Updated: 12 May 2021, 18:06

By Sam Sholli

This caller told LBC her 96-year-old mother was forced to leave her care home after the £60,000-a-year cost of social care entirely drained her savings.

Janet in Esher spoke to LBC's Nick Ferrari after it was announced in the Queen's Speech that "proposals on social care reform will be brought forward" by the Government.

She told LBC: "In my mother's case, at the age of 90 [she] suffered a stroke. So [there was] no option. [She] had to go into a home [and] had to sell the house.

Janet added: "Obviously it was a decision where it was a private home. After five years the money has run out."

She then told Nick that her mother's social care was costing £60,000-a-year.

Speaking of the care home in which her mother had been living, she explained: "Once the money had run out...they literally told her she had to go at the age of 96."

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The exchange also comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday said the Government is committed to a "long term" plan for reforming adult social care in England.

Mr Hancock also admitted the Government's hasn't been able to focus on the issue because of the pandemic.

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