"Hallelujah, We've Got One Right": Nick Ferrari Hails Decision On Isis Schoolgirl

20 February 2019, 08:00

Nick Ferrari praised Sajid Javid's decision to withdraw the citizenship of Isis schoolgirl Shamima Begum.

The 19-year-old fled Bethnal Green four years ago to join terrorist group Islamic State, but now says she wants to return to the UK.

However, the Home Secretary wrote to her parents to tell them that he is to strip her of her British citizenship.

And Nick says he has absolutely made the right decision. Starting off his show on LBC, he said: "We've done it! Halle-bloody-lujah. We've actually done it.

Nick Ferrari praised Sajid Javid for the decision to revoke citizenship
Nick Ferrari praised Sajid Javid for the decision to revoke citizenship. Picture: Sky News / LBC

"Not me personally but the country, which of course I call home, to whom we pay our taxes, have at last taken a stand and the runaway Isis bride who wanted to return to her home in the UK, presumably in Bethnal Green, has had her British citizenship revoked.

"Can you actually believe it? Isn't this fantastic?

"Isn't this a moment when you can actually stop and think we've got one right here.

"Credit to Sajid Javid, but will he or rather the state, get away with it?"