Caller Hangs Up On Nick Ferrari When He Calls Jeremy Corbyn "A Loser"

5 June 2019, 08:33

Nick Ferrari backed Donald Trump's decision not to meet Jeremy Corbyn, labelling the Labour leader "a loser".

Sue called LBC to ask a simple question of the President refusing to meeting Mr Corbyn: "What's he scared of?"

Nick told her: "On this occasion, I happen to agree with the President. I think Jeremy Corbyn is a negative force. As a President, I'm a busy man, I haven't got time to meet a loser."

Sue insisted that Mr Corbyn was likely to be the next Prime Minister, saying: "He'll go and speak to people in North Korea who's been slagging him off for years, but he won't take a few minutes when he's in the country to talk to Jeremy Corbyn.

"He met everybody else. He even met with Nigel Farage and people who aren't even going to be PM."

Nick Ferrari agreed with the President over Jeremy Corbyn
Nick Ferrari agreed with the President over Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC / PA

He told her: "The man's a loser. Why would the President waste his time with a loser? He's lost a General Election. He's lost a European Election. He's lost two local elections. Four defeats chalked up to him.

"Mr Farage is a winner. His party won the European Elections."

It was at that moment that Sue hang up. Watch the full call at the top of the page.