Caller Tells Woman With MS Who Uses Food Banks “Stop Making Excuses”

1 June 2017, 11:38 | Updated: 1 June 2017, 11:54

Nick Ferrari callers clash

Sarah has MS and lives in a women’s refuge and relies on food banks to eat. But David says she’s making excuses and should just get 10p loaves supermarkets are throwing out.

“You can go to Asda, Tesco, any supermarket ten to ten at night or on a Sunday and there are piles and piles of loaves for ten pence,” David insisted. “You have £2, you can feed yourself for three days. It might not be the best food.”

Sarah said he didn’t understand her situation: “I have a son I have to look after, I also have a daughter I have to look after. These things aren’t just a simple equation. I have MS.”

But David wasn’t swayed. He said she needs to change her attitude: “You can’t just give in. Send one of your friends to the Asda with £10. Come on!”

“If I had given in I would have probably jumped off a bridge by now. But I haven’t given in.” Sarah said.

David wasn’t convinced: “You’ve got to stop making excuses! Life is hard.”

Sarah was getting cross with David’s claims: “Are you listening to what I’m saying? Or are you shouting stuff for the sake of it so you can be heard and think that you’re being smart?”

Sarah said she takes advantage of the deals David talks about as you’re only allowed to use a food bank once a month with a limit of 15 items. He still wasn’t convinced. His advice; get down to the supermarket and buy their old food.