Brexit Secretary Admits He Made Big Money On Referendum Bet

18 January 2017, 09:33 | Updated: 18 January 2017, 10:01

David Davis laughing

David Davis told LBC that he made £1,000 betting that Leave would win the EU Referendum.

The Brexit Secretary, the man in charge of ensuring Britain successfully leaves the EU, told Nick Ferrari that he was so confident that the polls were wrong on Referendum day that he put on a bet. And it paid out big.

Answering a question from Nick Ferrari about a story in the Independent which said the public doesn't trust him or other government Leavers, Mr Davis said: "What the Independent doesn't get is that polls are not that reliable.

"I was in this studio on Refendum night with Iain Dale and the polls at that point were telling us there was going to be a 10-opoint advantage to Remain. So I put some money on. And it's still paying my office drinks bill."

Nick asked how much he won and he responded: "I made a grand."

When discussing Brexit, Mr Davis admitted that Britain may stay in a transitional position for two years, meaning that we may still be in that period for the next General Election.

He said: "I could imagine that, but we're talking about implementation, practicalities. We're not talking about a deal. The deal I want over and done with in the two-year period.

"People say you can't do that, it will take 10 years. No it won't. But I will accept it takes time to create a new customs arrangement, to create new border controls.

"The point of this is to deliver being out of Europe, at the same time delivering all the opportunities, benefits and gains and economic advantages that come from that."

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