Enough Is Enough: Public back Nick's campaign to give police more power to stop disorder

3 February 2020, 09:30

Police stand and watch as Extinction Rebellion protesters block a road in London
Police stand and watch as Extinction Rebellion protesters block a road in London. Picture: PA

An exclusive LBC poll with Deltapoll reveals that the majority of the public believe the police should have greater powers to stop public disorder during protests.

With another Extinction Rebellion wave of civil disobedience on the way, Nick Ferrari launched his Enough Is Enough campaign this morning to amend the Public Order Act to give police the power to prohibit protests which will cause serious public disorder.

LBC's poll shows that 60% of adults believe that police need greater powers, whilst a majority (53%) think there should be restrictions on people being able to return to protests after being arrested.

In terms of measures available to the police, the LBC poll shows that two thirds (67%) of the public think that mounted police should be able to be used.

In addition, riot police (63%), water cannon (58%) and tasers (57%) all have majority support from British adults.

Currently, police do not have access to water cannon. During his time as Mayor, Boris Johnson bought two devices, but Home Secretary at the time, Theresa May, refused to license them and in the end his successor Sadiq Khan was forced to sell them for scrap.

On why he's launching his campaign, Nick said: "Surveys show the public’s fear of crime and desire to take action against prolonged protests is at a record high. When you hear the chilling, anarchic sentiments from one of Extinction Rebellion’s founders, the picture gets bleaker.

"That is why, starting today, I am launching the Enough is Enough campaign as it is highly likely our streets face a lockdown within the next 90 days."

Nick Ferrari’s campaign Enough is Enough - all this week on LBC.