"Has Anybody Seen The Mayor?" Nick Ferrari On The Rising Death Toll In London

4 April 2018, 09:40 | Updated: 6 April 2018, 11:19

Nick Ferrari launched into a powerful monologue on the rise in London knife crime, following the news that the current death toll for 2018 is now at 48 people.

Nick stated how those recently stabbed or shot are members of ethnic backgrounds, and how we need to accept that there are problems within these communities.

“As I look at those who have been stabbed, or fatally stabbed, or shot, what strikes you about these names? They all belong to a certain community.”

“I haven’t read the name Phillip Jones or Deborah Carter, none of those names.”

He called for more recognition of problems in these communities, before more lives are claimed.

“How many more mothers need to cradle teenage daughters dying in their arms?”

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

He criticised Theresa May's policies on "reigning back" on stop and search when she was home secretary and questioned the lack of any proper action by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

"Hello. Has anybody seen the mayor? We're on mayor watch. Day two."

"48 people dead now, Mr Mayor, and still nothing."

He ripped into the idea that the police are targeting certain individuals, and the idea that these crimes are a result of police numbers being cut.

"Here's a fact for you, there are more police officers now in London than there were five years ago, when the murder rate was nothing like this. Fact."