Is Boris Johnson Across Details? This Remarkable LBC Archive Clip Suggests Not

7 August 2019, 08:02 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 08:20

This is the remarkable video showing Boris Johnson hailing his "celebrity ambassadors", despite having no idea what they did.

During his time as Mayor of London, Mr Johnson appointed a series of well-known people to work on some of his key projects. These included Barbara Windsor and Emma Thompson

But after talking up their work, Nick asked them to give details on what they did.

What followed was a classic Ask Boris moment.

Boris Johnson was stumped by simple questions
Boris Johnson was stumped by simple questions. Picture: LBC

Now Prime Minister, many people have said Mr Johnson doesn't have a grip on details. This clip seems to back that up.

When Nick asked what he appointed Emma Thompson to do, Mr Johnson responded: "Emma Thompson was I believe was looking at... oh God... it's either breast cancer or something else."

Nick asked again and the Mayor paused for a long time before Nick eventually put him out of his misery.

The difficulties then continued and continued.

Watch the full clip at the top of the page.