Marmite Or Tesco's Own Brand? Ferrari Finds Out

13 October 2016, 10:42 | Updated: 13 October 2016, 10:47

Marmite or Tesco's own brand? Nick Ferrari takes a blind taste test to figure out whether the product will be missed from the shelves of Britain's biggest retailer.

The country has been in uproar after the household staple was taken off the shelves at Tesco’s due to a pricing dispute with manufacturer Unilever.

A collapse of the value of the pound following the vote to leave the EU, reportedly prompted the firm to raise prices on a number of goods by 10%.

These Are The Household Name Products Affected

Nick decided to get to the bottom of the issue and see if the product will be missed. LBC’s Charlotte Wright prepared a blind taste test between Marmite and Tesco’s own brand.

Watch and see if Nick can tell tree difference between the two products in this hilarious radio moment.