Matt Hancock refuses to confirm when cancelled social care meeting will now occur

22 June 2021, 13:25

By Sam Sholli

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has refused to tell LBC when a cancelled crucial meeting on the social care crisis between himself the Chancellor and the Prime Minister will now take place.

The Prime Minister was initially scheduled to today hold a meeting with the Chancellor and the Health Secretary to decide whether or not to put a cap on social care costs, but it will now not take place.

LBC's Nick Ferrari asked the Health Secretary why the meeting had been cancelled today.

Mr Hancock responded: "Well, we're going to deliver on the commitments that we make.

"I don't think it's right to get into diary management live on the radio.

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"What matters is delivering on the commitment, and we will reform social care. We must, and we've committed to it...[and] we're a Government that delivers on our commitments.

Asked by Nick when the meeting has been moved to, Mr Hancock replied: "I'm not going to get into that."

Last month, Mr Hancock said the Government is committed to a "long term" plan for reforming adult social care in England while also admitting it hadn't been able to focus on the issue because of the pandemic.

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