Murderer Colin Pitchfork is 'definitely still a danger', claims ex-prisoner

2 September 2021, 09:29

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This caller was locked up with Colin Pitchfork says the double child rapist and killer 'definitely' still presents a danger.

Sam from Liverpool* claimed he had been in HMP Layhill with the high profile murderer Colin Pitchfork.

The former prisoner revealed he was released from jail last Tuesday, which was the last time he saw Pitchfork.

He told LBC the killer has had his name changed for his own protection on his release with the ex-offender branding Pitchfork "the most arrogant prisoner I've ever come across."

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Going into detail Sam claimed the high profile killer spoke down to other prisoners and he "walks around looking down on other prisoners."

He said even though other prisoners wanted to attack Pitchfork, the killer had "protection" from staff.

"You can tell he's still got that look in his eyes, he switches quick," the caller claimed.

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Sam claimed Pitchfork would use "manipulation" to get his own way.

"He would seek out women [staff] on their own more than male staff," the caller claimed.

He even said he heard a rumour the killer "went on day release and bought a woman some chocolate."

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Watch the whole call in the video at the top of the page for a fascinating insight into the prison life of Pitchfork.

*The caller's identity has been changed by LBC.