"My Son Was Kidnapped At Knife-Point By A London Gang"

6 April 2018, 13:10 | Updated: 6 April 2018, 13:50

A frustrated mother speaks of how no police where anywhere to be seen while her son was kidnapped for 6 hours and how he was unable to contact anyone.

A mother told Nick Ferrari about how her son was kidnapped by a gang at knife point, and forced to withdraw money from cash points around Clapham, Camberwell and Vauxhall while they all travelled around in a minicab booked through his Uber account. The mother talks about how the gang even threatened to rape him. The situation lasted almost 6 hours, from just after 2am.

The mother speaks of how he did not see one police officer the whole time, and was unable to contact the police. In the end he managed to escape by pretending to have a stroke, falling on the floor, at which point the gang had stolen £600 stolen in total.

"My son said he thought he would never see me again."

Nick Ferrari in the LBC Studio
Picture: LBC

During the aftermath, the mother spoke of how her son hasn't been able to go to work, and how the family has received little help from the police, being ignored when calling police stations.

"I just get through to the central number. I've had to do my own detective work."

Nick was shocked by the story, especially the suggestion from the Police that the boy should not travel to certain areas of London if he doesn't want to be attacked.

"He can go where he likes, we shouldn't have no-go zones."