Nick Ferrari Rails At House Of Lords Taking Friday Off Work During Brexit Debate

5 April 2019, 10:27

Brexit is still due to happen on Friday - but the House of Lords can't be bothered to work on a Friday. Nick Ferrari takes aim at their staggering decision.

After debating Brexit yesterday, the Lords and Dames announced they would not be working today.

And Nick Ferrari simply couldn't understand their decision.

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "With all the filibustering going on in one house and the leaks literally in the other house, guess what? The Lords aren't even sitting today. That's incredible isn't it?

"You could argue that it's not often that they find themselves in the crosshairs of such a huge political issue. They get I think around 350 quid just for turning up each day. And it's a pretty important process.

"Would it have been that difficult to ask his Lordship or her Ladyship, the Lords, Dames and everyone else to actually put in a shift on a Friday?

"Can you imagine the job that you're in or if you run your own firm and you're in the most important business period of your life, you're trying to get a deal that will either save the company and if you don't get it the company will crash.

"And you say, 'Nah, I won't work Fridays thanks.' Pardon? 'I don't want to come in actually.'

"Sorry, we're a week to go. Now whichever way you look at Brexit, whether you're a fervent Leaver or a fervent Remainer, or like most of you, you've just had enough, there's a week to go and his Lordship needs a day off or her Ladyship for that matter.

"That is staggering, isn't it?"