Sajid Javid hails work of security services in stopping terror attacks

23 June 2020, 10:40

By Adrian Sherling

Sajid Javid leapt to the defence of the security services in the aftermath of the Reading terror attack.

MI5 have received some criticism after it became clear that the suspect over the attack was not under any kind of monitoring, despite being known by police.

But the former Home Secretary told LBC that the security services do lots and lots of great work that the public will never know about.

He said: "This talk about whether security services have done their job or not, I have nothing but praise for our security services.

"During my time as Home Secretary, I worked closely with them and you realise how many terrorist incidents they stopped. And that's often something that doesn't get talked about, it's not a news-worthy thing.

Sajid Javid praised the job of the security services
Sajid Javid praised the job of the security services. Picture: LBC / PA

"But I know of more than a dozen incidents that would have taken place that would have cost lives that did not take place because of the excellent work of our security services and our police.

"In a free society, some things like this will happen, we'll never be able to eliminate them completely, btu we should always take a moment to reflect on how good our security services actually are in protecting us by stopping terrorist activity."