Sir Keir Starmer: Donald Trump is not the man to lead the world during this crisis

11 May 2020, 10:16

By Adrian Sherling

President Trump is not capable of leading the world's response to coronavirus, according to new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The Labour leader held his first Call Keir phone-in on LBC this morning, as he answered questions from LBC listeners.

One listener texted in asking about Donald Trump's reaction to the pandemic - with the US suffering from the highest death toll around the world.

Asked how helpful the words and actions of President Trump has been, Sir Keir responded: "Not very.

"I can't help feeling that what this terrible crisis has lacked is a world leader of real stature who is able to say there needs to be a global response. Each country going into this separately didn't work.

"There is not, in my view, that world leader out there just at the moment."

Keir Starmer was critical of Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus
Keir Starmer was critical of Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus. Picture: LBC / PA

Nick asked him if the President had done anything right and the Labour leader responded: "There's some things that he's done right.

"But the way that he changes his mind, changes his view - initially denying that this was anything of a problem, then saying America's got it absolutely right.

"People see what he does and they'll form their own view.

"I don't think in President Trump we're seeing the man capable of pulling the world together with a global response."

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