Corbyn Will Abolish Free Elections If Made Prime Minister: Exposé Author

18 February 2019, 09:27

The biographer behind the Jeremy Corbyn exposé book issues a warning that the Labour leader would be "impossible to remove" once he gains power.

Tom Bower suggested that Jeremy Corbyn is "impossible to remove" from power and that he would "abolish free elections" if ever made Prime Minister.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the biographer said:"There'll never be another free election again because Marxists never have two elections."

"They have one election then abolish free elections," he added.

The expose, which has received mixed reaction in the press, reveals that the Labour leader 'is not clever enough to be Prime Minister'.

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Biographer Tom Bower wrote about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Biographer Tom Bower wrote about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty

Mr Bower also suggested that Labour MPs who break away from the party can "save proper democracy".

He said: "They're going to find it very hard to get rid of him and in the end, if more and more MPs are bold enough for a new party, I think that it's the only way to save proper social democracy in Britain today.

"[Jeremy Corbyn] believes in Marxism, he believes in communism," he said.