"Nearly blind" 78-year-old told to take 250 mile round trip for Covid-19 test

4 September 2020, 11:47

By Fiona Jones

A nearly blind 78-year-old woman who doesn't drive was told to take a 250 mile round trip for a Covid-19 test before an eye operation - she couldn't get to the test centre so couldn't have her operation, her neighbour told Nick Ferrari.

Brits with coronavirus symptoms are being forced to drive more than 100 miles to be tested after access to kits “dried up” in parts of the country.

Public health experts fear the lack of testing could lead to developing hotspots being missed.

Caller Gail from St Albans told Nick Ferrari that her 78-year-old neighbour who is nearly blind has to have a Covid-19 test before her cataract operation - however, her nearest centre will involve a 250 mile round trip.

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"She has been told to go to Great Yarmouth, 125 miles away, she doesn't drive and lives on a pension so she can't afford to pay to have it done privately.

"So she stands the risk of not being able to have her operation," Gail said.

The caller told Nick that when the elderly lady questioned this, the NHS responded that "management will sort it".

"Management haven't managed to sort it out in time because she will have to quarantine after a test before her operation and so she now perhaps goes down the waiting list because she can't get her operation," Gail said.

Gail told Nick her poor neighbour was at her wit's end as she needs this crucial eye operation.