Nick Ferrari Asks Extinction Rebellion Protester The Question On Holidaymakers Minds

31 May 2019, 11:26

Nick Ferrari asked this environmental protester why they didn't protest in China instead of impacting innocent tourists and businesspeople.

Environmental campaigners from the Extinction Rebellion group have threatened to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones.

The climate change protesters vowed to stage a one-day demonstration in June and then 10 further days in July - unless the government cancels plans for expanding the airport

LBC's Nick Ferrari spoke to Donnacha McCarthy of the group.

Mr McCarthy said: "We are in a crisis, as the UN general secretary said.

"If we don't start cutting carbon emissions radically by the end of 2020, by next year, humanity faces extinction."

He went on to say that the Government is "colluding in the extinction of humanity," due to its actions.

Nick Ferrari asked this environmental campaigner a very direct question.
Nick Ferrari asked this environmental campaigner a very direct question. Picture: LBC

When Nick asked, "why make passengers suffer?" The climate change protester said: "Heathrow Airport is one of the largest single sources of carbon emissions in the UK."

The LBC presenter was quick to ask the protester why he and his colleagues didn't "take a boat to China and chain yourself to an airport in Beijing?"

Mr McCarthy said he refuted the premise of Nick's question.

"There's nothing more important than, perhaps a family or someone whose saved all year for a holiday and you decide to disrupt it," Nick Ferrari said.

The LBC Breakfast host added: "the incredible holier than thou attitude that you and your colleagues demonstrate somehow you believe puts you on a higher plane?"

Watch the video at the top of the page to see how the environmental protester answered.