Nick Ferrari laments the state of England: 'Covid powers will never be taken back'

6 November 2020, 11:30

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari questions how England has become a place where a 73-year-old woman can be arrested for taking her mother from a care home, a gym owner is fined £10,000 for staying open, and students are "penned in" to their homes.

Nick has warned that police powers to enforce Covid restrictions "will never ever be taken back" after a myriad of police interventions have occurred, including arresting a gym owner for staying open and arresting and handcuffing a pensioner for attempting to take her mother from a care home.

The latest arrest saw 13 officers sent to a woman in Harlow on suspicion of breaching Covid regulations by keeping her gym open.

The arrest took place after officers were "made aware of social media posts" which suggested The Ripped Gym in Harlow would be "remaining open against the law".

The owner of the gym refused to give her details when police attempted to issue her a fixed penalty notice and was subsequently arrested.

Nick responded: "Thirteen police officers [descended] on a gym in Harlow to arrest a woman and you still don't see the way this is going?

"You still don't get that these powers will never, ever ever be taken back, ever be returned to us."

Earlier this week, a 73-year-old woman, Ylenia Angeli, was arrested and restrained by police after she attempted to take her 97-year-old mother out of a care home for lockdown.

Ms Angeli told LBC: "I desperately want to care for my mother at home, which they are not allowing me to do. I am a trained nurse. I have a lot of experience in looking after the elderly.

"What I see just breaks my heart and I know that people all around the country are feeling the same."

Nick also questioned how in the same week, Manchester University students have woken up to discover 'prison-like' fences surrounding their halls on the first day of lockdown, which they have since dismantled in protest.

First year student Leo Quartermain told LBC,"You can't move us across the country, most of us moving from home for the first time and expect us to sit in our rooms for months on end and then wake up one morning and find fences everywhere and find the security guards joking about trapping us in."

He continued that "everyone feels like they've been hard done by because we have. We didn't expect this experience...we expected some kind of face to face learning...and then we just feel like they don't care about that."