This East London Car Dealer Is Absolutely Furious At The State Of British Democracy

13 March 2019, 13:18

An east London car dealer was left absolutely seething with MPs after last night’s Brexit vote, so he phoned Nick Ferrari to vent.

“I’m dancing up and down in my front room like Pinocchio, my arms are going all over the place,” Frankie boomed own the phone.

“The democracy side of things in this country is well and truly finished.

“Last night I was embarrassed by watching those MPs”.

Furious Frankie phoned LBC on Wednesday morning
Furious Frankie phoned LBC on Wednesday morning. Picture: LBC

He spoke ahead of a vote in the Commons on whether to leave the EU without a deal.

It’s after MPs once again rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal in a crushing defeat for the Prime Minister on Tuesday night.

“What is the solution?” Nick asked Frankie.

“The solution is,” he replied, “get a big skip outside the Houses of Parliament and get the lot of them loaded into it!”

Watch his rant in full above.