Ex-cop says police are 'too busy policing Covid crime to deal with things that matter'

16 July 2021, 10:17

By Tim Dodd

This ex-Police Officer tells LBC police officers aren't 'interested in crimes that affect normal people', claiming hate crimes are taken are taken far more seriously.

It comes as journalist Giles Coren's case with the police was closed within 47 minutes after his £65,000 eco-Jaguar was stolen for the 2nd time in 3 months. 

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, ex-police officer Harry Miller from pressure group Fair Cop explained: "Fair Cop reminds the police that they are not to operate politically, and they are to operate within the law, that's what we do."

Nick Ferrari then asked Mr Miller for his reaction to car theft case:

"Actually I don't believe it took them 47 minutes, I think they closed the case probably at about 4 minutes because they're simply not interested in the kind of crimes that affect normal, everyday people. They're far too busy policing political crime, and Covid crime, and doing the whim and the will of the government and every pressure group that pays them to do it, to bother with actual crimes."

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Nick then asked Mr Miller to clarify his comments on pressure groups paying police.

"Actually, it's the other way around," he said.

"The police unbelievably pay the pressure groups in order to advertise their wear. So Stonewall, for instance, each force pays £2,500 per year to Stonewall, in order to learn how to obey the Equality Act, and of course, they get it wrong.

"What Mr Coren ought to have said was that he was gender-fluid and his car had been stolen because he had been targeted as a gender-fluid presenter - then the police would've been all over it."

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Nick said: "Are you genuinely saying there would've been a totally different approach if he'd have said it was some kind of hate crime?"

"Absolutely, 100%", said Mr Miller.

"I had a 34-minute phone call with a police officer simply for retweeting a limerick, and Mr Coren's had his car stolen and it took them 47 minutes - that's where it's all gone wrong."

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