Coronavirus: Naomi Campbell wears full protective suit as she boards plane in LA

11 March 2020, 15:14

Naomi Campbell pictured at Los Angeles International Airport
Naomi Campbell pictured at Los Angeles International Airport. Picture: @NaomiCampbell

By Tobi Akingbade

Naomi Campbell was clad head-to-toe in protective gear to protect herself from coronavirus on a flight.

The supermodel has been a long-time advocate of staying germ-free while travelling, having been filmed in the past fastidiously cleaning her plane seat and surrounding area.

She has proven her dedication to the cause once more, posting several images of herself boarding a plane at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday while wearing a protective suit, a pair of goggles, a face mask and pink latex gloves.

The model, 49, made her protective gear into a fashion statement as she posed with her suitcase and shared a series of images on-board a plane wearing a cape draped over the protective suit, with one latex-covered hand clutching her mobile phone to her ear and the other gripping on to a transparent plastic bag.

Campbell captioned the social media posts, writing, "Safety First. NEXT LEVEL," before teasing a "full video" on her YouTube channel shortly.

This comes months after the star recently posted a video of her extensive pre-flight ritual, which involved wiping down everything close to her airplane seat with Dettol anti-bacterial wipes.

In the video, she also spoke of her techniques for avoiding germs while flying.

As she cleaned her seat, belt, tray table, TV screens, remote control and window with anti-bacterial wipes, she told the camera: "Clean anything that you could possibly touch.”

She added: "This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me. It's my health and it makes me feel better."

She even put on a sanitary face mask before take-off and explained that her routine has helped her to stay healthy during her lengthy modelling career, which has spanned three decades.

She said: "I mean as much as I travel, I should get sick so much more with colds and stuff.

"I'm blessed that I don't. I really think that this helps me, my little routine."

Campbell’s initial video may have come before the current coronavirus outbreak, but the video is still being circulated by fans looking for tips.

As of this morning, a total of 27,476 people in the UK have been tested for Covid-19.