Iran ends commitment to nuclear deal

5 January 2020, 19:07

Iran ends commitment to nuclear deal
Iran ends commitment to nuclear deal. Picture: PA

Iran has declared that it will no longer limit itself to the uranium enrichment restrictions of a 2015 nuclear deal.

In a statement made after a meeting of the Iranian cabinet, it said it would no longer observe limitations on uranium enrichment and nuclear research and development.

The statement said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will end its final limitations in the nuclear deal, meaning the limitation in the number of centrifuges.

"Therefore Iran's nuclear program will have no limitations in production, including enrichment capacity and percentage and number of enriched uranium and research and expansion."

The 2015 nuclear deal saw Iran agree to limit its nuclear activities and to allow international inspectors in to observe.

This was in return for lifting economic sanctions.

President Trump abandoned the deal in 2018 but, at the time, Iran vowed to keep its commitments.