Mo Brooks accidentally tweets Gmail password amid Capitol insurrection lawsuit drama

7 June 2021, 09:26 | Updated: 7 June 2021, 10:25

Mo Brooks accidentally tweets Gmail password amidst lawsuit over Capitol insurrection
Mo Brooks accidentally tweets Gmail password amidst lawsuit over Capitol insurrection. Picture: PA / Twitter

By Emma Clarke

The Republican Representative for Alabama's Fifth District shared more than he intended on the social media site.

Mo Brooks accidentally tweeted an image of his Gmail password on Sunday.

In the post - which is still visible on the politician's page - Brooks shared a photo of an email that revealed Rep. Eric Swalwell's legal team had successfully served a lawsuit holding Mr Brooks and other leading Republicans "responsible for the injury and destruction" on the January 6 insurrection at Capitol Hill.

However, as well as sharing a screenshot of the correspondence between himself and Mr Swalwell's lawyers, the Republican also included an image of a sticky note on his laptop, revealing his Gmail password.

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Since, people have flooded the social media platform in response to the gaffe.

In the post's caption, Mr Brooks accused Mr Swalwell of "unlawfully sneaking into my house and accosting my wife".

One of Mr Swalwell's lawyers, Philip Andonian, told CNN: "No one entered or even attempted to enter the Brooks' house. That allegation is completely untrue. A process server lawfully served the papers on Mo Brooks' wife, as the federal rules allow.

"This was after her initial efforts to avoid service. Mo Brooks has no one but himself to blame for the fact that it came to this. We asked him to waive service, we offered to meet him at a place of his choosing.

"Instead of working things out like a civilised person, he engaged in a juvenile game of Twitter trolling over the past few days and continued to evade service. He demanded that we serve him. We did just that.

"The important thing is the complaint has been served and Mo Brooks can now be held accountable for his role in inciting the deadly insurrection at the Capitol."

While papers have been served, Mr Swalwell's legal team has yet to formally notify the court.

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