Prince Andrew needs to cooperate over Epstein now, victims' lawyer tells LBC

3 December 2019, 16:39

LBC correspondent, Rachael Venables, spoke to the lawyer of Epstein's victims about Prince Andrew and his need to cooperate.

Lawyer Gloria Allred said: "We would love it for Prince Andrew to also add his deposition at some point in our case and we're going to be very persistent.

We're going to be going after anyone and everyone who might able to provide information that would be relevant to the assertion of our clients."

Rachael Venables asked when will the FBI potentially subpoena him?

Allred replied: "I think the clock is ticking, time flies and time is of the essence. Every day, for many victims, feels like a year."

Prince Andrew needs to cooperate over Epstein now, says victims' lawyer
Prince Andrew needs to cooperate over Epstein now, says victims' lawyer. Picture: PA

She continued: "Of course, investigations don't move as quickly as they do on television, this is real life and it's complex.

But I have confidence that if, as and when they find sufficient evidence that they think in their opinion could potentially lead to going beyond a reasonable doubt, they will then file charges against any co-conspirators."

The lawyer later said: "Prince Andrew, whether he is a prince or a pauper, a person should co-operate with law enforcement. they should volunteer to do it and not wait and throw legal roadblocks in the way."

Rachael Venables asked if he wrong to delay.

Allred clearly stated: "I think there should not be any delay."