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Salmond On Sunday: Latest Clips

Alex Salmond in the LBC studio.

If Jeremy Corbyn Isn't Prepared To Ask Questions, Why Would He Be Leader Of The Opposition?

Alex Salmond in the LBC studio

Salmond Tells Brexit Campaigner Why Trump Won't Be Britain's Saviour

May and Corbyn

Brexiteer Labour MP Predicts Both May & Corbyn Will Survive Brexit Vote

Alex Salmond on LBC

Sinn Fein Leader: The Good Friday Agreement Is Being Undermind From Within Unionism

Alex Salmond

This Pro-Gun Control Activist Gets In A Heated Argument With Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond on LBC

I Would Rather Go Back To WW2 Rationing Then Be Part Of The EU Says Brexiteer

Alex Salmond on LBC

Mary McAleese: "Not Immediately Obvious" How The UK Can Achieve Brexit And Frictionless Border

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell Says Oxfam "Did Report The Matter" To DFID But He Wasn't Informed

Alex Salmond

Wife Of Drowned Fisherman In Emotional Plea To "Bring My Husband Home"

Alex Salmond and Boris

Boris Johnson “Doesn’t Have The Guts” To Run For Prime Minister Says Biographer

Alex Salmond Talks To Sir Bill Cash

Conservative MP's Message for Chancellor Philip Hammond

Leave Voter Tells Alex What Will Happen If Brexit Is Not Delivered

Caller Predicts What Will Happen If Brexit Is Not Delivered

Henry Bolton

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton Loses No Confidence Vote. What Happens Now?

alex and eu flag

Lord Kerr, Author Of Article 50, Predicts Second EU Referendum For Autumn

Salmond and Woolfe

Steven Woolfe: UKIP Texts Row Is ‘Beginning Of The End’ For Bolton

Brian Cox

Hollywood Actor Brian Cox Brands Trump A “Screaming Narcissist”