Moment Caller Immediately Rejects Alcohol Ban After Saying Smoking Ban Needs To Be Tougher

3 March 2019, 16:26 | Updated: 3 March 2019, 16:33

This caller tells Maajid that despite restrictions, smoking is still too widely accessible and should be completely outlawed because of its negative effects on health, but then immediately refussed to back a ban on alcohol.

Trevor told the LBC presenter that while smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths, it is still "too free and easy" with current restrictions.

"Children are growing up in a country where the government say if you want to give yourself cancer, go ahead and do it," he said.

But when Maajid Nawaz suggested that regulation and education would be more appropriate, the caller said it wasn't enough and that smoking should be completely banned.

"Education is not enough, they need to do more. They need to ban smoking, make it illegal!" he said.

Trevor added that he would include the 'occasional cigar' as well because "it's about respect for life".

But when Maajid asked whether he would ban alcohol, Trevor fired an immediate rejection.

Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio.
Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"One cigar every six months is not going to kill you," Maajid responded.

Trevor replied: "Don't make a joke out of this, Maajid, this is serious."

Maajid said: "I am serious because I like my one cigar! I'm thinking about building a humidor and I want to know if Trevor is going to be okay with it!

"I can have one cigar every six months can't I?"

Trevor replied: "No, no, no!"

Watch the entertaining clip above.