Bosnian genocide "repeating today" for Uighur Muslims - Maajid Nawaz

11 July 2020, 14:16 | Updated: 11 July 2020, 14:19

By Seán Hickey

Going back in time to when he was a teenager, Maajid Nawaz recalled witnessing scenes of genocide and sees no difference in what is happening in China today.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre of the Bosnian Muslim genocide and Maajid took the opportunity to compare the scenes and inaction of the UN to what we see today unfolding in Western China against Uighur Muslims.

"Back then it wasn't illegal to travel for military purposes for what would have been a proper Jihad. Many Muslims travelled to fight alongside Bosnian Muslims" he remembered.

Maajid told listeners that "the sheer horror that the 15 year old me watched on those VHS tapes returned to me" when the action of the CCP against Uighur Muslims came to light.

He went on to reveal that he has only felt to be fully recovered from his own radicalisation during the coronavirus lockdown yet stated "how sad and melancholic that 25 years on another genocide is unfolding against Uighur Muslims in China."

Uighur Muslims have been sent to "reeducation camps" in their millions
Uighur Muslims have been sent to "reeducation camps" in their millions. Picture: PA

He went on to describe why the Srebrenica massacre was allowed to unfold, because "the UN was powerless to act against this genocide because Russia has a veto" and vetoed the decision to intervene.

"The breakdown of international law and order in that way made me seek justice outside of the international order" Maajid said, going back in time. He worried that "the same thing is repeating today."

He called on the world's allied powers to find a way to intervene, telling listeners that countries should "band together for some form of collective response."

"We need to form some sort of collective response" he added. Maajid was dejected in stating that "the UN will not be able to provide an answer" and thus is the reason the UK should seek to intervene with her allies.

"Until enough awareness is raised I will continue to speak about it" he vowed.